(2011) deflamenco gallery, Madrid
(2007) La Casa de los Jacintos, Madrid
(2006) Los Artistas del Barrio – puertas abiertas – Lavapies, Madrid
(2005) Retratos - La Plaza de las Artes, Madrid
(2003) Windsor Street Gallery, Chertsey, UK
(2001) Plimmer Steps Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
(1999) The Caravan, Lyne, with music by Drunk on Logic, UK
(1999) St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, UK


(2021) Open Studios, CRA Matadero Madrid
(2020) Open Studios, CRA Matadero Madrid
(2020) Open Studios, parallel event to ARCO2020, CRA Matadero Madrid
(2016) Cruces y Convergencias, Videoart, La Neomudéjar, Madrid
(2015) Otras Realidades – 50 Pintores y 6 Escultores, (Arcilla Foundation) Centro Cultural La Vaguada, Madrid
(2012) Bosque Interior, Teatro Francisco Rabal. Pinto, Madrid
(2011) Retratos – el paisaje de la memoria, Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente (CEART) Fuenlabrada
(2010) StudioStand, Madrid
(2009) Showdown Exhibition, The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
(2009) Colores del Maíz, Centro Hispano-Centroamericano, Madrid
(2009) Emergent Art, Sala Xaudaró, Monzón
(2009) Emergent Art, Sala AAP, Zaragoza
(2009) VI Continente, Centre Civic Barceloneta, Barcelona
(2009) Coral Estate, Pirats Arts Network, Second Life
(2009) Situaciones Emergentes, Galería Geraldes da Silva, Oporto
(2009) Galería Rita Castellote, Madrid
(2008) Los Artists del Barrio, with José Luis Carrascosa, Lavapiés, Madrid
(2003) New Zealand House, The Haymarket, London, UK
(2000) Millennium Exhibition, Woking, UK
(1998) Beatrice Royal Gallery, Eastleigh, UK
(1998) The Riverhouse Barn, Walton-on-Thames, UK
(1997) Merton Arts Festival, Wimbledon, UK
(1995) Le Moulin Fidel, Ville du Plessis-Robinson, Paris, France
(1994) Forest Contemporary Art, Guildford, UK
(1994) The Atrium, Whiteleys, London, UK
(1993) Quicksilver Place Gallery, Middlesex University, London, UK


Charles Olsen graduated with honours in Fine Arts from Middlesex University, London, and his paintings have been exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Oporto, Wellington and in the Saatchi Gallery, London

Charles works mainly in oils and watercolours. He moved to Spain because of his interest in Spanish artists such as Velázquez and Goya, and also to study flamenco guitar. His portrait of a flamenco dancer in oil on three wooden window shutters, La Súndari was exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in London. Paintings of Picasso were the inspiration for his first short film The Dance of the Brushes, which was awarded second prize in the I Flamenco Short Film Festival in 2010.

He explores photography and in 2001 received a grant from the Arts Council England to design and build lightboxes for an exhibition of his stereoscopic phtographs.

He has been a resident artist at Bournewood Health Trust, Surrey (1995–96) and at Wishmore Cross School, Chobham (2002–03). The top photo was taken during the artists' residency he received together with Lilián in the Centre for Artists' Residencies, Matadero Madrid (2020–21) where, among various community projects, he could finish his painting Los Tejados (The Roofs), which he began in 2009.