Play in the Sun – Workshops

Children, adults, the elderly, we are all creative

Photos 1–2
An educational workshop for children where creation and communication are equally important. Each child creates their personal world with elements that can be found in the house, then they explore these worlds in words and stories.

Photos 3–4
During the pandemic Lilián and Charles played story-telling and writing games with their niece, Mia Gill. She continued writing at school and they put together her poems in a book Cielo de océano (Ocean Sky). They made a film together with her poem The Calm Sea, which was selected for Barcelona: Nudo Festival.
The book was featured in Love in the Time of Covid, where you can see the moment she receives the book, and her reading of the poem The Mask.

Fotos 5–6
Based on the Spanish poetry project Palabras Prestadas, which they set up in 2011, parents and children write texts insipred by words chosen by the group. A way to encourage communication and family time.

Photo 7
At the invitation of the pschologist Jacqueline Quintero, Lilián Pallares and Charles Olsen lead a creative writing laboratory with the elderly in the Llar d'Avis Residential Home, Barcelona.

'Although sometimes it doesn't look like it, we've all been children. Lilián and I chose five words that easily lead to memories of childhood, so that each person could explore their own connections. Some of the stories evoked difficult or sad moments of past times in the Spain of their youth, which could be hard to process, nevertheless in the context of listening and sharing each person felt valued and appreciated with the applause from their companions.'Charles Olsen

Photo 8
Lilián Pallares led a series of meetings for the elderly in a Club for Coffe, Play & Culture in the Colombian Consulate of Madrid. With songs, stories and writing they reconnected with their roots.

'Seeing how the feelings of homesickness rose to the surface, the love for their country, added to moments of laughter and incerdible imagination, made this 'Club for Coffe, Play & Culture' a place not only of meeting together but of great friendships.'Lilián Pallares